Will Georgia Become the Hub for AI?

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May 13, 2020
5 min read

If you have been following tech news for the past five years, Artificial Intelligence and advancements in the said field have been the dominant topics. That being said, countries known for their proficiency in tech like the US and China are expected to make headlines. But what about not-so-well-known countries, like Georgia? 

The country of Georgia, has come a long way the past decade with a lot to show in the field of Artificial Intelligence. New labs, hubs, universities even, have been emerging these past 7-8 years in Georgia, especially in the capital, Tbilisi. The pioneer lab, GeoLab introduced and popularized the interest towards AI and continues to work on digital projects to attract more youngsters. 

Apart from educating its citizens, AI has been a thread of connection with the EU, since the European Union switched from a knowledge-based economy, to an AI-based economy. By creating a friendly AI-oriented environment, which is essentially a prerequisite for investments in the field, Georgia showcased readiness to become a reliable partner.

In order to reach international markets, the existing and upcoming businesses in Georgia, have been adapting AI technologies and really making it the basis of their products. Take IDENTOMAT for example – it takes everyday, mundane KYC-related tasks and completes them efficiently. 

As far as the public sector’s involvement, the Georgian government has an issue to address. The issue mainly being the support of the Georgian people in acclimating with AI-powered services. The concern is that not everybody understands or backs AI technology, creating an adjustment period.

Every confrontation is an opportunity for growth, right? AI is still in its infancy and Georgia has a unique opportunity to grow the technology with a clean slate. What will happen remains to be seen but if the current situation is anything to go by, Georgia has the potential of becoming a tech hub, a point of reference for companies interested in AI technology.

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