Tried and Trusted: Identomat Is Now ISO 27001 Certified

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Dec 11, 2020
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Another day, another milestone for Identomat - we are proud to confirm that we have received the ISO 27001 certification. This designation is globally recognized as the most distinguished standard in information security management systems.

The team behind Identomat has been working towards this certification from the moment the project was conceived. As our vision relies on handling and processing sensitive client data, we have always known that we need to build our processes up to the highest possible standard. Achieving the ISO 27001 certificate shows that we have achieved this goal. 

ISO 27001 allows companies to demonstrate to regulatory authorities that collected information is fully secure and adequate tools are in effect to address possible risks. The standard aids to protecting client and employee information, managing risks to information security effectively, and achieving compliance with other known data protection regulations.

Online verification has its own league of regulations and laws. Especially during the pandemic, when every business is urged to relocate online, customers are increasingly seeking assurance of the company's information security and data protection capabilities. Compliance to all data protection standards requires platforms to build a virtual fortress to shield data from all possible risks.

Identomat and its founding entities  hold information safeguarding within the company in the highest regard. Using AI, secure coding practice (OWASP), proxy/VPN detection and more of the latest developments in technology, Identomat ensures the confidentiality and integrity of customer’s data at all times. Trusted by Lazika Capital and Aldagi, Identomat managed to be acknowledged as fully compliant to the Georgian Law on Data protection. ISO 27001 is another professional milestone that highlights the reliability of Identomat.

Having the ISO 27001 certification, specifically in the times when online services are in high demand, is a great boost for Identomat. We have been working towards this goal for quite a while, and the timing could not have been better. The landscape of online threats grows rapidly and we have implemented many tools to ensure data protection and data processing. The ISO certification will immensely help us with maturing the existing practices. Trust in ID verification service is crucial, but demonstrating that the platform is independently examined, further solidifies it.’ – Says CEO of Identomat, David Lomiashvili.

Achieving the ISO 27001 is a very complex process, which makes it even more rewarding. Identomat takes great pride in obtaining another landmark moment and will continue providing seamless, easy and, most of all, safe service to its clients.

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