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May 14, 2020
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Zura Kotaria, CEO and co-founder of Raizomat, the company behind Identomat, was a guest on a Facebook LIVE by Orient Logic, one of the leading Georgian companies in IT infrastructure and Business solutions. Mr. Kotaria spoke about founding Raizomat and the rising need for remote services, highlighting the fact that number one Georgian insurance company Aldagi has fully digitized its services through Identomat.  The main concern, when it comes to KYC and handling someone else’s personal data is data protection. Mr. Kotaria stated that Identomat guarantees mined data security:

‘As a company, we reached out to the state inspector of data protection and introduced how Identomat processes work. the inspector acknowledged that Identomat is fully compliant with the data protection law of Georgia. Moreover, since we are eyeing international markets, our company fully complies with international laws of data protection as well. ‘

Mr. Kotaria also mentioned branching out overseas, main focus being the United States of America and Europe:

‘The first stage of merging into the international market would be Eastern Europe and the United States where we have a partner organization. Also, Ukraine, where we have presented our project, and Baltic countries, since remote services for the financial sector are very popular there too. ‘

The live session can be watched here (in Georgian)

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