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Oct 12, 2021
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If you sit back and really think about the impact of last year, the acceleration of financial and health services has been the two areas that really took off in response to Covid-19 pandemic. Identomat has been gathering momentum by expanding the horizons of easy and accessible online identity verification and KYC and has been waiting for a chance  to be introduced on a bigger platform.

So, without further ado, we are happy to announce that Identomat will be exhibiting at  one of the most prominent Fintech events of all – Money 20/20.

About Money 20/20

For years the event has been described as ‘where money meets technology’, highlighting the point of financial institutions and financial technologies intertwining. In other words, Money 20/20 is the place to be if you’re willing to be the part of the community who will make decisions that shape the future.

Money 20/20 was founded in 2012 by Payments and Fintech veterans from Google, TSYS and Citi. Considering that traditional business conferences were spiritless and unexciting, they brought to the table a new, fresh and unparalleled experience ‘built for the industry, by the industry’.

The event has hosted C-level executives, acclaimed speakers and innovators from across the world who have been in the drivers’ seat of altering the future of money. The 4-day long event in Las Vegas, Nevada has connected the right people, who had the right conversations and made right discoveries enabling start-ups, individuals and organizations to grow, thrive and achieve their goals.

Identomat’s approach

It is very exciting to be living in the era of digital transformation. As a fintech start-up, Identomat team realises the significance of attending Money 20/20 event and meeting service providers who share the value of security, fraud prevention and safe money transfer practice. The event offers more than a high-level view of the global financial industry – its networking and in-depth insights carry immense value. According to the Money 20/20 report, the prior ‘wave’ of financial technology aimed its attention on the digital distribution of existing products and services, but nowadays, it seems like the industry is shifting towards ‘digitally native financial services’.  

As a start-up established only a couple of years ago, Identomat has been lobbying for the normalization of digital-only services across most industries. In fact, our team members have taken part in several conferences covering the topics of the digital onboarding toolset for the insurance industry, future of digital lending, and how customer onboarding should be the new normal via digitizing services

The great thing about Money 20/20 is that financial world shapers are all at one place at the same time. Needless to say, it is an amazing opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge identity verification solution to the leading financial organizations and be seen side-by-side with our biggest competitors. This is one of the few places where getting to speak directly to the potential customers is not about who has the biggest enterprise sales team, but rather about who can deliver the most value for the customer. And it’s already clear that the Money 20/20 team has done an amazing job organizing digital pre-event and in-person on-site networking channels.  It is another great milestone for Identomat and we’re looking forward to the opportunities the event will present. There are only a few relevant large-scale fintech conferences in the world and Money 20/20 is definitely one of them and the place to be.’ – says Identomat’s CEO, David Lomiashvili.

The Identomat team is thrilled to share mutual goals on such a worldwide platform and go back home richer with more information and like-minded connections. 

Do you wish to connect with us and gain knowledge about fast-developing best practices in identity verification and KYC in post-pandemic industries? Swing by our booth K1923 at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas., anytime between October 25-27. Follow the link below for details about Identomat’s booth and more:  

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