Identomat Is Set To Demo At Finovate Spring 2022

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May 13, 2022
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FinovateSpring is returning to San Francisco this coming May to reunite the Fintech community and plot a course for the future. The event brings together financial services professionals, investors and Fintech enthusiasts to spread awareness about new tech advancements in the financial field and try to build better, more sophisticated and accessible services.

Identomat offers a wide range of powerful solutions for streamlining KYC and ID verification process for businesses. Our cutting-edge AI-fuelled platform enables companies of any size safely and rapidly onboard customers, all while being compliant with regulations. As a growing startup that pocketed many achievements during the Covid pandemic in 2020-2021, including raising $3.2M, it is another milestone to demo our ever-evolving platform on a major stage in Silicon Valley.

'It is thrilling to be a part of the company at the cutting-edge of digital transformation revolution and showcasing our progress on such a massive stage. At Identomat, we are dedicated to enhancing and optimizing customer experience in Financial (and dozen other industries) services. While the opportunity to Demo our platform is an honour and pleasure, FinovateSpring is also a great place to connect, learn, grow and gain insights into the future of fintech. It is an incredibly exciting opportunity for all of us at Identomat and we're looking forward to the event.' - says David Lomiashvili, CEO.

'As the Fintech market is expanding and becoming more refined and complex, we are ramping up our resources to adjust to the market needs as quickly as possible. For instance, as the USA and its allies have been ramping up their sanctions on the Russian economy, the need for a somewhat regulated DeFi arose to block the entities or individuals trying to evade the imposed bans. Our system plays a major role in how these circumstances will play out, so it is a big responsibility to be as ready as we can be to take on the duty.' - says Zura Kotaria, COO of Identomat.

Why Finovate Spring?

Finovate Spring 2022 is a great chance to re-connect with the Fintech community and introduce our leaps in the identity verification technology space. It is exciting to showcase how Identomat has become a one-stop shop for all things KYC and how our milestones have propelled our company. Fostering digital transformation is one of Identomat's core missions, so to actually be a part of Finovate and demo for the room that thrives in this field, is an opportunity and an honour.

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