Identomat Has Been Featured by a Popular Georgian TV Channel

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Apr 13, 2020
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Identomat has been featured by a Georgian TV channel! Formula News ran a feature about our company and product on Saturday, April 11, 2020. The story can be viewed (in Georgian) here. 

For all our non-Georgian speaking readers, we are happy to share the translation of the TV spot, which included the detailed showcase of Identomat’s KYC solution, alongside interviews of our core team members:


How many of you had to wait in endless queues in the service centre to be identified as a customer? From now on, this can be done from the comfort of your home - using just your ID card and a selfie. 

Identomat is an online registration platform that allows the business sector to check authenticity of documents and liveness of customers. As a result, customers can undergo verification processes via a smartphone or computer, without having to go to the service center.

‘Identomat brings the benefit of simplifying user experience without compromising security, making it easy and fast as well. Identomat provides instruction on each step of the verification process. ‘ - Marika Sherozia, Senior Product Manager.

A new Georgian platform was created a couple of months ago, that complies with international standards and stays relevant to the recommendations of personal data inspectors. 

Identomat’s team principle is that there is no such thing as an unresolved problem. So despite many obstacles, like lack of qualified personnel and legislative system, the platform was created, and is capable of user verification, liveness check as well as determining the authenticity of a document. 

‘Liveness check is crucial, so that someone else would not use your face to authorize an account. There are many methods to do that, but our team and many tests have concluded that contingency is key. Therefore, we decided on a smile, because when one smiles all face muscles work. And it is impossible to fake it. ‘ - Rezo Imnadze, co-founder of Raizomat

Identomat was created by Raizomat, who has implemented many other innovative projects.  Raizomat is an expert in machine learning, data mining, robotic process automation.

‘As a rule of thumb, assessing risk used to take about 40 minutes. With Identomat the time is reduced to seconds. ‘ - Zurab Kotaria, co-founder of Raizomat. 

Businesses are more and more adamant about instilling online KYC/AML compliance services, but it has never been as essential as it is today, when the world is facing the reality of covid-19 pandemic. In crisis and post-crisis times, Raizomat is prepared to help out businesses with the Identomat platform for free. 


We are excited about our first major media feature, and can’t wait to share with you what’s in store for Indentomat in the coming months! Stay tuned, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to never miss the news. 

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