Identomat Accepted into NVIDIA Inception Program

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Dec 9, 2020
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AI startups are at the heart of the tech revolution rapidly transforming industries around the world. More and more companies are transferring their services online, with artificial intelligence playing an integral role in this development.

In a world where AI competition is growing rapidly, Identomat is lucky to have been accepted to the NVIDIA Inception program.

NVIDIA Inception provides support to pioneering tech startups that are transforming the tech-industry via AI. Tailored to specific business needs, Inception aids company growth with its expertise, technology, and network, regardless of the startups’ funding or AI proficiency.

The program offers networking with fellow startups, VCs and leaders of the industry at exclusive member events, support from respectable incubators and accelerators, and NVIDIA marketing channel assistance.

Identomatis a KYC and Identity verification solution. The AI-powered platformautomatically matches the applicant’s selfie with their photo ID to providetheir authenticity score in seconds, as opposed to hours or days, enablingorganizations to quickly onboard their customers remotely and ensure businesscontinuity even during a global health crisis, all the while cutting relatedcosts over 10-fold.

Recently, Identomat competed in TechCrunch’s “Pitchers & Pitching” event and took part in the Disrupt2020 conference. The company has gathered momentum by enrolling into the NVIDIA Inception program. Adopted by the leading Georgian insurance company Aldagi, Identomat has reached several important milestones, such as being fully compliant with the Georgian Law on Data Protection, in just several weeks since the company’s inception.

‘Joining the NVIDIA Inception program enables Identomat to utilize relevant go-to-market support, expertise and technology, alongside opportunities to reach out and partner up with innovative AI startups. It also gives us an opportunity to enhance the infrastructure and improve Identomats’ AI models. It truly is a huge milestone for Identomat and we are ready to take on the challenge of further development and refinement of our services’ – David Lomiashvili, CEO of Identomat.

NVIDIA Inception is a program that helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment. Every Inception member gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, such as NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits, marketing support and technology assistance that provides startups with fundamental tools to help them grow.

About Identomat

Identomat is a Georgian-American companyproviding KYC (Know Your Customer) and Identity Verification solutions. Relyingon its proprietary technology, based on the latest advances in ArtificialIntelligence and Machine Learning, Identomat streamlines the customeronboarding and biometric authentication processes, providing organizations andbusinesses with reliable identity verification and fraud prevention solutions.Please visit  

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