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Apr 13, 2020
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Located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, the country of Georgia is mostly known for its architectural treasures and picturesque landscapes with some of them even featuring on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Things seem to be changing though, as Georgia is making itself known for a lot more than its natural beauty. 

Despite the small scale of the country itself, the location is proving to be pivotal for Georgia's rising: right between Asia and the EU empowers good trade relations with Asian and European countries, following the free trade agreement with the European Union in 2014. 

Technology has been the focal point of NGOs, government and startups for quite some time. The Georgian government has achieved great results in helping businesses set up processes fast and easy, not just for the locals, but especially for foreigners. There are only several procedures to go through and your business could be up and running in no time. The high engagement in this field breeds growing business interests and attracts investments - making Georgia a tech-hub among non-EU countries. 

Besides the birth of dozens of new local tech startups every year, technology has been blooming in Tbilisi for the past 5 years. Emerging Techno Parks, innovative centers, Tech hubs, labs and more, are focused on developing and bettering technological ecosystems in Georgia. 

In recent years, many digital and tech seminars and projects have been held in Tbilisi, gathering not just Georgians, but internationals interested in technology advancements. Special notice is deserved by Tech Park of Tbilisi, that has invited international professionals to share their experience, for example Paolo Italiani, that spoke about innovation, inspiration and visualization. Italiani, who is an industrial designer, has a relevant experience in said field in the US and Italy. Also, Tech Park has hosted Encata, a Belorussian company that specialises in end-to-end product development and software engineering.  Projects and startups have been presented showcasing passion and true commitment to the current and upcoming news in technologies. Presented projects encompassed diverse fields, including medicine, PR, informational technology, entertainment, education, insurance, finances etc. 

Identomat is only one example of the many thriving tech startups in Georgia, bringing the latest technology trends to their clients, both domestically and worldwide. As more and more global businesses and investors turn their sights to Georgia, we’ll be bringing you more insights into the country we are proud to call home.

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